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If you have a jewelry store:

At Jewelstories we not only resell jewelry but we also make jewelry! If you have a jewelry store and you like our work you can purchase our jewelry easily with online ordering. Simply, without complex procedures. No hassle.
The brands we manage in B2B level are "Jewelstories" and "IRISGOLD". To see the jewelry corresponding to each category you can select the respective brands in the filters, or you can see here all the available jewelry.

If you have an online jewellery store:

Our company specializes in the manufacture of silver jewelry intended primarily for e-commerce. In other words, we have ready-made silver jewelry, with photographs and jewelry names ready for use as well.
Check out now our jewelry collections and take advantage of our fine pieces of jewelry and our extraordinary prices.

Our partners can use the benefits of such a partnership as follows:

· We provide the photographic material for free. This means that you can even get individual pieces of jewelry, without the risk posed by the jewelry stock and without the cost created by product photoshooting.
· Following an agreement between us, you can use the given names of the jewelry you purchase from our company, as well.
· From the moment you place your order, the photographic material is immediately available. Therefore, you can place the jewelry in your online store before even receiving it. If you are not online yet, you can use the same material in social media!
· Most of our products are readily available in-stock. Αnd…. what does that mean? This means that your order is ready to be shipped within 1-2 days.
· Our jewelry is made in Greece and not in Τhird Countries, thus ensuring fine quality, while our main concern is the maximum possible satisfaction of the customer, as we also operate as online retailers.
· You can shop from us as your own customers from you, this means online! Easily, quickly and simply, from our e-shop.

Contact us to learn more and get instant sales right now!