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Personal data protection

The organization and the protection of personal data of visitors and users of this website are subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement, as well as to national, EU and international law related to data protection, i.e. the Greek Data Protection Act (Law No 2472/1997), Law 3471/2006 and EU Regulation 2016/679.
Any future regulation of data protection will be subject to this agreement. In any case, our e-shop retains the right to revise the terms of this agreement on data protection, in accordance with the law.
These terms may be updated or revised anytime without warning. You are required to periodically review the terms and conditions, sinceby using this website, you confirm your consent with any modification of this agreement.
Our e-shop collects personal data of its visitors and/or users, onlyfor providing services and particularly, to enter contractswith its customers and execute them. Personal data are information which can be used to identify a person or for the communication with this person, as well as other information related to a person. Our e-shop collects the following personal data:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Address (not necessary if the customer chooses delivery by a courier office or the post office)
  • Postcode
  • Town
  • Company information, in case the customer wishes to issue an invoice
  • Credit card information, if the customer chooses this payment method (number, name, expire date, CVV code)

Our e-shop will not make available for sale, transfer or publish personal data of its visitors or users to third persons, not related to it, without the consent of the visitor or user, unless it is compelled by a legal obligation to transfer data to competent state authorities.
Our e-shop may process a part or all the data provided by its visitors or users for statistical purposes and to improve its services.
The controller regarding the data processing by our e-shop is George Papaziakas, resident in Athens, Evangelistrias street, 7, 10569. Any visitor or user can communicate with the controller to confirm the existence of a data file and obtain its rectification, revision or erasure of data.
Our e-shop has a strict policy to protect personal data of visitors / users of the page.
The cookies are small files containing information that a website via its serverstore on the computer of the visitor / user so that whenever he /she visits the website, the latter uses this information to offer improved services to users.
Cookies are employed by our website to manage sessions, to provide customized webpages and adapt advertising or other content to meet the needs of the visitor / user. They are also used to compile anonymous aggregate statistics that allow our e-shop to be informed of how the public uses our website to improve its content and structure. The personal identity of each visitor / user can not be identified from this information. If you wish to reject some or all cookies, you can adjust your browser settings, however, some functions in this website may not be available after the rejection of cookies.
Types of Cookies
Absolutely necessary cookies
These are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. They allow browsing and use of the website’s functions, such as the access to safe areas or the use of the shopping cart. They are not used to identify the visitor/ user. With the rejection of these cookies, the e-shop’s website cannot function.
Performance Cookies
These cookies store information related to the use of the website by the visitor/user. They are used only to improve the performance of our website and they do not identify visitors/users.
Functionality Cookies
These cookies allow the website to store the choices of visitors/users such as their usernames or areas, in to order to provide better tailored services. Information collected by functionality cookies are anonymous and do not track the user’s browsing in other websites.
Targeting Cookies
These cookies are used to show and provide tailored content, related to the interests and habits of visitors/users. They may be used to show or not a targeted advertising to users, or to measure its effectiveness.
Thirdparties’ Cookies
Apart from this website’s cookies, third parties’ cookies are also used more particularly, cookies from internet advertising companies are being used. These cookies track the consumer behavior of visitors/users of this website.
Data collected with the use of cookies
Data collected with the use of cookies in this website, are being processed and stored as anonymous statistical data, and do not bear any connection or identification with the visitors/users of the website. This information is used exclusively by this website and are not commercialized or being sold to any third parties.
Consent for acceptingcookies
Upon entering the main page of the website, the visitor / user receives a notice about the use of cookies at the top of the page and he/she may click on the message and read this information. The visitor / user, if he/she decides to browse the website, and if he/she has properly configured his/her browser, he/she provides an explicit and specific consent to the use of cookies. Otherwise, he/she shall not browse the website or may disable the use of cookies by the browser. Deactivation takes place with the use of the individual program settings. For more information regarding the cookies’ rejection procedures, the visitor should visit the relevant help page of the browser.